Electric Bike Motor Kit 35 MPH

Electric Bike Motor Kit goes 35 MPH and puts more fun into cycling! What size is your bike? What wheel size do you have? This 48V 1500w brushless motor can bring your bike up to 35 MPH with a 35 mile range. 

EBike Bay has the brushless rear hub electric bike motor kit that can go up to 35MPH. Combined with a 48V 17.5AH battery(*), you can travel up to 35 miles before recharging. The kit contains a 1500W rear wheel with many wheel size options. A motor controller also comes with the kits which controls the amount of power going to the rear wheel. A twist throttle on the bikes handlebars is used by your hand to deliver the power signal to the controller. An LCD display which lights up also comes with the kit so you can see how fast your going along with mileage range and a battery power meter. Overall, this kit is great for a first time electric bicycle build.

 EBike 1500W Genesis Kit

EBike Bay Conversion Kit 48V 1500W Rear Hub Motor Electric Bicycle Part for 20" 24" 26" 700C 28" 29" Bike Controller Twist Throttle sold here

>> This kit requires the 48V 17.5AH battery sold here <<

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