Tiger Shark E-Bike battery is locking down the downtube!

TIGER SHARK locking down the downtube e-bike battery is one of the best functional case designs of 2016 and has remained highly popular with home e-bike builders.

E-bike Bay recommends the dolphin style Tiger Shark locking downtube battery when building your first e-bike. Very easy to install, the Tiger Shark stays locked to the frame via a bracket that utilizes your water bottle holder bolts. Simply remove your water bottle bracket and install the battery holder via the two bolts. The battery slides down the bracket and locks in place. The Tiger Shark dolphin style battery becomes unlocked when you use the supplied key. The locking function makes sure your battery doesn't get stolen and keeps the battery stable on the bike frame. This type battery also comes with a power switch, a 5v USB port to charge a cell phone, and a push button indicator that shows the battery power level. An E-Bike Bay top recommendation! The Tiger Shark 48v - 17.5ah battery is recommended for 1000w - 1500w hub motor or 750w - 1000w Mid Drive.

Tiger Shark cell design

>> SALE! $599.99 << 48V 17.5Ah 

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