Electric Bicycle Advantages

Pedal Assist and Throttle

pedal assistPedal Assist - 

Pedal assist systems sense your pedaling and provide assistance automatically.

They’re most popular among experienced cyclists that want a more natural, “bike-like” riding experience.

Pedal assist is wonderful for long rides with few stops on relatively flat ground, because you can just relax and enjoy the ride without holding a throttle in place. It’s like cruise control.

throttleThrottle - 

Here in the United States, we are fortunate having the luxury of throttles on our electric bikes. Throttles are forbidden in European countries due to stricter laws.

Throttles provide full power on demand and Americans love them because they complete control with on demand power.

Throttles are especially helpful getting started from a standstill (sometimes it can be awkward to gain momentum), getting a quick burst of power to climb a hill, or safely getting through an intersection. Pedalling is your choice, however pedaling helps the motor and saves battery life.

Mid Drive vs Hub Motor

For most people, a hub motor is the indisputable choice. The riding experience can’t be beat and is the most affordable option.

Direct Current experimented with several of the top systems, and found that most people simply don’t like the way mid drive motors feel – especially when comparing it to our hub motor.

Professional cyclists prefer mid drive motors for highly technical mountain biking.


video courtesy : Blue Monkey Bicycles

A majority of electric bike riders have come to the same conclusion when comparing hub motors to mid drive motors. There’s really no comparison at all. There are many great reasons to prefer a hub motor over a mid drive, but the most important reason is impossible to describe. It’s how different hub motors feel vs a mid drive feel. Most people who've ridden both a mid drive and a hub motor prefer the hub motor.


Power and Freedom

You have the freedom to go farther and faster, and to conquer hills and headwinds with ease. It feels like being a kid again.


There are plenty of reasons to ride an electric bike, and the best reason is simple – it’s fun. This is like the freedom of riding the first time!